Styling Your New Kitchen

Oct 04 2018

Styling Your New Kitchen

Styling Your New Kitchen is all about mixing form and function. No matter what style your kitchen is, keeping these things in mind will make for a perfectly beautiful space.


Start with a clean slate to avoid clutter.


Create groupings of items like canisters on the counter to store items like flour, sugar, cookies, and snacks.


Bring in some wood elements like cutting boards for a natural element to create warmth. Use more than one to create texture against the backsplash.


Group and store cooking utensils in a pretty container so they are easily accessible when you are cooking. This is a good spot to group other items that are often used like oil and vinegar, and salt and pepper. Placing all of these items on a tray creates a less cluttered effect.  


Add some greens or florals to the sink area for another natural element. As well as pretty soap for washing dishes. And don’t forget a dishtowel to finish off the sink area.


If you have an island, be sure to add a focal point. A large container of fresh flowers and a smaller bowl with fruit always work well.  


Remember to have fun and try different things when styling your new kitchen!


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