Oyster Season is Approaching

Sep 25 2018

Oyster Season is Approaching

Our favorite time of year! Yes, you can get oysters in the summer, but for the northeast, the best time to eat oysters are fall and winter months. September and October are when they are the most plump and sweet. 

Tips to keep in mind when buying Oysters:
  • Make sure they look clean and are stored properly, on ice.
  • Look where they came from and harvest dates.
  • If they feel light or sound hollow when you rap them, you don’t want them.
  • Store raw, unshucked oysters in a bowl in the refrigerator. Cover them with a damp dish cloth so they don’t dry out. They don’t have to sit on ice, but make sure the refrigerator temperature is around 38°F or 39°F.
Eating Oysters:
  • Eat oysters within a week of harvest in the summer, and within 10 days in the winter.
  • If you see mud in the shell after you shuck an oyster, toss it out.
  • Don’t spill the oyster liquid. You want the juices of the oyster to stay in the shell until you eat it, so after shucking oysters, place them on a plate lined with ice or coarse salt so they don’t spill over.


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