Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Potted Herbs
May 05 2020

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and homemade gifts will be appreciated now more than ever.  During this quarantine, it is the perfect time to take gifts back to basics. Here are some gift ideas for Mom that you can give even with so many businesses being closed.


Nurseries are considered an essential business in many states and spring is the perfect time to plant something, or create a small herb garden, for your Mom. Basil, Rosemary, and Thyme are all cooking essentials that you can grow in your yard or back porch. Pick up a pot and your herbs of choice and give the gift that keeps on giving.


Allow Mom to have a relaxed morning. Something as simple as breakfast in bed can make the day all the more special. Prepare her favorite breakfast along with a cup of coffee (or a mimosa) and deliver it to her on a tray to enjoy in the comfort of her bed. Click here and here for some ideas.


Finally, every Mother appreciates the thought that goes into a homemade card. Write your mother a heartfelt note acknowledging how much you appreciate her and surprise her with it. Those are the things that she will hold on to forever.

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