Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen storage ideas
May 01 2020

Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchen storage ideas you don’t want to be without. The one thing that we all struggle with is not having enough storage in the kitchen. Sometimes it’s the lack of space that makes it impossible to have enough storage, and other times it’s a matter of not using available functional space.


Since we are all spending a lot more time in our kitchens, it’s important to be functional and organized. Better Homes & Gardens reports that creative storage solutions will be very popular add-ons in kitchen design, with an astonishing 78% of homeowners renovating their kitchens planning to include specialty storage in their new cabinetry.


With these kitchen storage ideas you will have an organized kitchen you won’t want to leave.


Pull-Out Cabinet Storage

Have you ever lost anything in the back of your cabinets? We all have, that’s why pull-out cabinets are perfect. Have everything you need to prep your food right at your fingertips with a pull-out spice rack, pantry shelves or pots and pans drawers.


Kitchen storage ideasKitchen storage ideas



Spice Racks and Spice Drawers

Organize your spices like a top chef with a custom spice storage solution that fits your cooking style.


Kitchen storage ideasKitchen storage ideas



Built-in Trash Cans

The trash can is one of the most used items in the kitchen, but you can discreetly hide your trash and recycling bins with a custom pull-out that is thoughtfully placed making it convenient when prepping food. We typically use double trash drawers that can easily accommodate your your trash and recycling needs.


double trash pull-out



Drawer Inserts

Drawer insert help to keep everything organized. No more searching for that can opener.

A design and layout that is perfect for one family is not necessarily right for another. It is our job to take all of your wants and needs and build them into the ideal plan and create a beautiful, organized, functional space. Contact us to begin designing your dream kitchen.


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Kitchen storage ideas

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