Choosing the Perfect Stools for Your Kitchen

Coastal Style Kitchen Stools
May 14 2020

Choosing the Perfect Stools for Your Kitchen

Choosing the perfect stools for your kitchen can prove difficult for many people. Without knowing what style and height work best for the design of your kitchen you may never find what you are looking for. Thankfully, we have created a guide to make finding your counter height or bar stools for your kitchen island a seamless process. 


Transitional Kitchen Stools

This kitchen features a beautiful navy island, so the owner chose a neutral toned stool to allow the island to pop. You can find these stools here.


The first, and most important step, is choosing your height. 

It is important to know the difference between counter stools and barstools. Counter stools are used for standard countertops (34-39 inches) and are usually between 24-29 inches allowing them to fit comfortably underneath the counter. Barstools are used for standard bars and are usually between 29-32 inches. After measuring your countertop or bar height, check to make sure your chosen stool fits within these height requirements. In general, you need between 9-13 inches between the stool and the counter or bar. 


Always keep in mind the functionality of your stools. 

Picture the day to day activities in your home and try and imagine what will work best for that. If you are all about comfort, you may consider stools with arms, or swivel stools if you care more about mobility. If you have kids in your home, you may want to stay away from backless stools or upholstered materials. In kitchens with limited space, consider stools that can be stowed underneath the counter to save space. Most people use their kitchen stools daily, so make sure your choice serves its purpose in your home. 


Lastly, on to the fun part… choosing the style of your stools. 

The style of stools you should choose varies greatly depending on the style of your kitchen.  Whether your style is contemporary, classic, or rustic, you can find a stool to compliment that style. Allow for some contrast. Do this by avoiding stools in the same color as your island, try black or seagrass stools with classic quartz countertops. If you already have lots of wood in the space, try metal stools. Stools are the perfect way to spice things up in the kitchen, don’t be afraid to play with different textures like leather, seagrass, or metal.


Classic White Kitchen

This beautiful white kitchen features seagrass stools that compliment the oceanside feel in this home. You can find these stools here.


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