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Cape Cod's Natural Alternative
Mini Briquette Fire Logs
Made on Cape Cod

How we make Cape Cod Green heat. We create our briquettes by pushing dried, pulverised wood through our high pressure briquette machine to output cylinders of pure wood fuel. Nothing at all is added or used to bond, just pure recycled wood from out cabintry shop.

Why choose Cape Cod Green heat?

Cape Cod Green Heat keeps you warmer. Our briquettes produce roughly twice the heat of reglar cordwood and burn twice as long.

Where can I use Cape Cod Green Heat Briquettes? Our briquettes can be used anywhere you would use cordwood.Use indoors in your fireplace and woodburning stove, or outdoors in campfires, firepits and chimineas

Cape Cod Green Heat Briquettes are carbon neutral. The CO2 released by our briquettes has been taken from the atmosphere during the tree's growth, making wood briquettes a carbon-neutral fuel.

Better for the Environment. We use wood recycled from our wood shop that would normally be sent to landfills.
By doing this we reduce the demands on landfills and the demands on our forests for firewood.

Storage. Briquettes can be stored indoors without any odor or concern about insects that are normally found
in cordwood. Briquettes should be stored in a dry place.

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*CAUTION: Always follow the instructions of your fire equipment manufacturer.
Cape Cod Green Heat burns significantly hotter and longer than cordwood, so be sure not to overfill your heating device.